[[Technology is Battlefield for Top Talent]]

When the global recession hit back in 2008/2009, many economists thought that the job market would recover rapidly, as it had done in previous crises. But because of the nature of the financial crisis and deep structural issues in the banking sector, the recovery in the job market took much longer than many expected - almost a decade.

Today, though, the sector is finally hotting up. For the first time since the recession, the low unemployment rate is forcing firms to bid up the wages of workers to attract them and stave off competition from other firms. The technology sector, in particular, is seeing massive growth and huge demand for people with the right skills and talents. Anybody with experience in data science, artificial intelligence, or cloud-management, can expect to do very well indeed.

[[The Battle for Talent at Tech Giants]]

Right now, the world’s tech giants are battling it out to attract the best talent in the industry. Some of the biggest companies in the space, like Amazon and Oracle, are offering salaries paying between $300,000 and $1 million a year for people with data and cloud skills, nearly double what was on offer five years ago in the space. What’s more, the battle to hire these engineers and specialists is much higher in certain metro areas near company headquarters, like San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle - all global tech hubs.

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[[Talnet Recruitment:https://www.fieldengineer.com/blogs/technology-battlefield-top-talent]]

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